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Using PC Speed Up

Using USB Cache (Using your flash drive to Speed Up Your Computer)

Activating / Purchasing

Where and when do I get the activation code? go to the top

Your activation code is sent to the email address provided during your purchase. If you have not received it then please check your Spam folder.

Do I need to pay every month/year? go to the top

The full version is a one-time payment that entitles you to use the application forever. However, you only receive technical support and upgrades for one year. You will be reminded when your subscription to technical support and upgrades is due to expire.

What to do if I want to activate program on 2nd PC? go to the top

If you have purchased the bonus pack then you can install PC Speed Up again on other computers. Go to www.pcspeedup.com and click the "Instant Test" button or click here to start the download.

How can I get my money back? go to the top

To obtain a refund please contact us at [email protected]

How can I get my activation code again? go to the top

The quickest way for you to get a copy of your activation code is by clicking here: Please Send Me My Activation Code Again. You will need to enter the email address used during purchase. Alternatively, you can contact us via email: [email protected]

Why Am I Being Asked To Register When I Fix Problems? go to the top

The free version provides the startup manager for free. It also allows you to check your computer for problems but you will need to purchase PC Speed Up to fix these problems. You can follow the links in the on-screen message or click here to purchase.

Download / Install

How Do I Install PC Speed Up? go to the top

It takes less than 5 minutes to install PCSU.

Here is how:

  • Click to get the latest version of PCSU

  • From the PCSU download page click the Instant Test button
  • Save the file to your computer.
  • Run the program by double-clicking the downloaded file
  • Choose your language
  • Click ‘next’ on the Welcome Screen
  • Accept the licence agreement by clicking 'Next'
  • Click Finish
  • You have now installed PC Speed Up and you will see the Start Screen

On the dashboard you can see a real-time indication of how busy your computer is. You will see how much of your CPU (Processor); Memory and Network is being used.

Under the dials you will see the Start Scan Button. Click this to start enjoying the benefits of PC Speed Up.

What Is Included In The Free Version? go to the top

You receive the Startup Manager for FREE. When your computer restarts you will be able to disable the applications that are slowing down your startup. See here for more information on How the Free Startup Manager Works

The other features (optimization of your computer, network,hard disk, memory and cpu) are available to paid subscribers. Click here to unlock these features.

How Do I Change The Language For PCSU? go to the top

You have the option to change the language during installation.

PC Speedup is available in the following languages:

Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

The language can also be changed from the "Settings" menu when PC Speed Up is running. Choose the required language from the drop down list.

Using PC Speed Up

How Do I Use PC Speed Up? go to the top

PC Speed Up is easy to use. Simply click the “Start Scan” Button from the Home Screen.

You can select which tests will be performed by ticking or un-ticking the checkboxes as required. The default is to test and optimise for all problems and this is the way we recommend that you use PC Speed Up.

When the test is finished you simply click the “Fix Problems” button and PC Speed Up will start working to improve the speed and performance of your computer.

How Do I Choose Which Programs Start When Windows Starts? go to the top

The first time you run PC Speed Up it examines all the programs that start with Windows. It then needs your computer to restart so that it can determine which programs are slowing your computer. After the restart you will see a list of startup applications.

Select each Application and choose Run, Delay or Pause. Run will cause the application to start with windows, Delay will cause the program to run after everything else has started and Pause will stop the program from loading automatically.

You must remember to click ‘Apply’ after each choice.

How Do I Choose Which Background Applications Should Be Running? go to the top

When the scan is finished you can click “Background Applications” from the list on the left or the Text link from the results list on the right.

You will then see a screen that lists the background applications running on your PC.

You should turn ON the optimization for your non-essential applications to stop them running automatically. They will start only when needed. Click the “?” symbol in the optimization column if you are unsure.

For example, In the attached screen Skype is OFF (not optimized) and therefore will start and run automatically. TomTom Home is ON (optimized) and therefore will NOT start automatically.

Why Is Unnecessary Services Not Selected? go to the top

To optimize the services that are run PC Speed Up needs to ask you some questions about how you use your computer. Clicking Unnecessary Services from the List on the left and click the “Start Optimization Wizard”

You will then be guided through a brief set of questions about your use of the computer. For example, if you use your computer for faxing. Answer Yes or No. If you are not sure answer “Don’t Know”.

Click “Scan” on the left hand column to resume your scan.

What Should I Do With System and Network Settings? go to the top

You can review what changes will be made by clicking the “All selected” text link in the table. It is recommended that you leave these ticked unless you know that you don’t need the fixes to be implemented.

Should I Delete All The Junk Files? go to the top

PC Speed Up identifies all the files on your system that you can safely delete. This will free up space on your hard disk. You should click “Junk Files” or “All Selected” to review the files. In particular you should check the amount of space that is being wasted. In this example there is 736 MB of wasted space – definitely worth re-claiming!

In the scan results screen we indicate the importance of removing the Junk files based on the amount of disk drive space they occupy and the number of files that can be removed.

How Can I Choose Which Drives Will Be Optimized? go to the top

When PC Speed Up has finished its scan it identifies which drives require optimizing. Click “Optimize Drives” to see which drives have been selected and change if needed.

Does PC Speed Up Defrag SSD Drives? go to the top

During the scan all the drives are analyzed but not immediately defragged. You can then choose which drives to optimize based on the results. Those drives that are recommended for optimization are pre-selected.

By default, PC SpeedUp does NOT pre-select SSD drives. You can select or de-select your SSD drive(s) as required before the defrag starts.

It is not normally necessary to defrag SSD Drives and we recommend that you de-select these drives if they have been selected. This will prevent unnecessary read/write cycles.

Why Are Some Problems Not Fixed? go to the top

When the scan is completed and you have selected “Fix Problems” you will see a Fixes Completed summary screen:

Any fixes not shown as fixed will be completed when you restart your computer.

Using USB Cache (Using your flash drive to Speed Up Your Computer)

How Does USB Cache Work?go to the top

USB Cache is a quick and easy way to improve the speed of your computer by using your own USB memory stick as if it were extra memory. No installation is required and there are no compatibility problems. The performance improves over time as you use your computer. Just plug in your USB memory stick and let PC Speed Up get to work!

How Do I Use USB Cache go to the top

Insert your USB Flash Drive into a spare USB port in your computer. USB Cache will use up to 2GB of the drive to improve the performance of your computer. Click or 'slide' the button in the USB Cache section of the dashboard

Can I Use ANY USB Flash Drive To Use USB Cache?go to the top

You can use any USB Flash Drive with at least 2GB of free space available. You should use the fastest USB Flash Drive that you have. Don’t worry if you don’t know the speed but if you do then you should use one with a read/write speeds > 10 MB/s.

Will USB Cache Delete The Contents Of My Flash Drive?go to the top

No, USB Cache will use whatever space is free on the USB Flash Drive. You should ensure you have 2GB available to obtain maximum benefit. No existing data will be deleted.

Can I Turn Off USB Cache?go to the top

Yes. Simply click or ‘slide’ the button in the USB Cache section of the Dashboard

How Do I Change Which USB Flash Drive Is Used?go to the top

In the USB Cache section of the Dashboard there is a dropdown list of available USB Flash Drive. Choose which one you want to use from those that appear.

How Do I Know That USB Caching Is Working?go to the top

The easiest way to test is to turn it off and restart the computer. Check the results in the "System Startup Chart". You can find this by clicking "System Startup" from the Dashboard and then clicking "Startup Times Chart". You may need to use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to see some parts of the time chart (earlier or later times). The results are dependent on any background activities (such as Windows or other software updates) being active during startup. Please don’t use the computer (i.e. start any applications) until PC SpeedUp has automatically started to ensure a good test.

Does USB Cache Improve Anything Else Apart From The Boot Time?go to the top

Yes! The USB cache will also speed up your other Windows applications that you use often (not just startup applications), so after some time you will see that your browser or office applications start faster etc.

Why Is The USB Cache Option Missing From My PC Speed Up Program?go to the top

The USB Cache option is disabled on computers that have internal SSD drives. This is because the SSD drive is faster than the USB flash drive and, therefore, you will not see a speed improvement with USB Cache. If you don't have an SSD drive then please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you.